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Kilim Square Pillow

Kilim Square Pillow

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Turkish Vintage Kilims are stylish and culturally rich pillows crafted from authentic Turkish Kilim rugs. Kilims are flat-woven carpets or rugs traditionally made in Turkey and other parts of the Middle East and Central Asia. 

To create these pillows, sections of vintage Kilim rugs are sustainably sourced, and then carefully selected and repurposed to showcase the intricate patterns and vibrant colors indicative of Turkish craftsmanship. The resulting pillows offer a unique blend of history and contemporary design featured in the original Kilim rugs. 

Sourced directly from Turkey, these handwoven treasures make a visually captivating and culturally significant addition to any room.

These imperfections make each pillow a distinctive decor item in your home, while adding warmth and personality to your space.

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